Monday, December 14, 2009

So, why the lyrics?

It is something I noticed when I was younger. Early teens. I remember thinking that my life should have a soundtrack. Like any good movie there would be happy songs, sad songs, and melodies that moved you.

As an adult, maybe that original thought hasn't changed so much. Except now I realize that maybe instead of having a soundtrack I need a play list. Soundtracks are generally made up of ten to fifteen songs, and my life contains so much more than that.

So the songs I share are the ones that have come to mind at certain times, like when my son was born, or I was told no more babies, or when I finally decided to grab ahold of the christmas spirit. Sometimes the lyrics themselves about do me in. Sometimes they pull my heart so close to my savior I tears will start pouring simply because I am assured that He cares about me personally. It's unreal, really.

If I can find links to the songs themselves, I will try to share them. Maybe somewhere along the road you will have the same one in your play list.

God Bless!

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